Review Policy

Many of the books I review at Treasure Seekers are my own books or library copies, and I also frequently mention or recommend a product, company, or web site that I have used and found helpful and believe that others might be interested in using. I also receive some books and products for review, and my standards for reviewing those items are no different. I have found so many vendors, products, and sites that I can enthusiastically recommend to others, and my recommendations in my blog content and in my sidebar are genuine and intended as a resource for the reader.

Receiving books or products from vendors or publishers for review at Treasure Seekers does not influence the views I express here, and I strive to give an honest, accurate review and share relevant information with my readers. In the interest of disclosure, I have added a blog category called Received for Review to indicate which books and products I have received from a vendor or publisher for review.

I will not participate in any pay-per-post opportunities or write reviews for compensation here. My voice as a blogger is not for sale, and it’s my intention to keep the line between advertising and blog content clear. If you find anything on Treasure Seekers that seems to conflict with my intentions as stated here, please let me know!