I’m Shauna, and I originally created Treasure Seekers to share ideas with other homeschoolers; to encourage and empower parents to teach their children and be actively involved in their education, whether they’re homeschooled or public- or private-schooled; and to discuss current events, educational philosophies, and other education-related information. I chose the name Treasure Seekers in part because our family recently listened to an audiobook of Edith Nesbit’s delightful story by the same name. It’s also a good analogy for my personal philosophy of education as well as my continued journey with my greatest treasure, Jesus.

I’m an editor and am currently “hybrid schooling” (afterschooling, supplementing, involved parenting, or whatever you prefer to call it) my fourth grader and kindergartener after being a full-time homeschooling mom for several years. I’m still using several of the homeschooling resources and curriculum components that we were using while homeschooling. Our younger daughter just started kindergarten this year, and I also “row” Before Five in a Row and Five in a Row books, play learning games, and read a lot of good children’s literature with her. We’re also starting All About Spelling soon and will be reading Bob Books together.

I believe that learning is a lifelong pursuit, and I don’t believe that children’s education for the day ends when the school bell rings. I’m still very involved in my kids’ education, and I still have the ultimate responsibility for their education. I take advantage of everyday, real-life learning opportunities and encourage my kids to interact with people of all ages in our community. Those pursuits are the focus of Treasure Seekers, and I hope you can find helpful resources and ideas here, no matter what educational choice you make for your children.