back-to-school schultüte

My younger daughter starts kindergarten this week, and it’s my older daughter’s first back-to-school season as a school kid rather than a homeschooler. I wanted to do something special to mark the big day and a new academic year, so I decided to make a schultüte for each girl. These treat-filled cones are a back-to-school tradition in Germany.

I made the cones out of poster board and decorated them with tissue paper and stickers. Inside the cones, I included some practical items like flavored lip balm, hand sanitizer, and mini dry erase boards where I will list reminders and daily chores—as well as fun stuff like stickers, gum, barrettes, gel pens, silly bandz, and SpongeBob magic towels.

This is an easy project that you can adapt to suit your family. You could make some and start a new NOT-back-to-school tradition if you homeschool.

Here are some related links with other examples of schultütes:


One response to “back-to-school schultüte

  1. i have heard of this and forgot……awesome idea.

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