The Homeschool Lounge

The Homeschool lounge

In February of last year, I wrote a blog post informing readers about a new social network for homeschooling moms—The Homeschool Lounge. At the time, there were around 500 members. Since then, the site has grown exponentially, and THL is currently holding a celebration after welcoming its 10,000th member!

If you’re a bibliophile like I am, come join my Book Nook group to chat about what you’re reading or your favorite read-aloud books. You can find dozens of other groups based on location, common interests, curriculum, or homeschooling method as well as general homeschooling discussions. Click here to check out THL, and if you decide to join, please say that Shauna referred you! During the 10,000 Member Milestone Celebration, prizes will be given away at random to new members who join with a referral and existing members.

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