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They Might Be Giants recently released another children’s album, Here Comes Science. My kids like their previous albums No!, Here Come the ABCs, and Here Come the 123s as well as their Friday Night Family Podcasts. I’ve only heard a couple of the songs from this new one but have it on hold at the library. You can see an animated video of Meet the Elements at Boing Boing.


Tammy from Just Enough and Nothing More shares why she doesn’t consider herself an unschooler in “I’m Radical, but Definitely NOT a Radical Unschooler; I’m Not Even an Unschooler.” I can identify with several of the points made in her post and in the resulting comments.


Mrs. G. from The Women’s Colony has an amusing, no-holds-barred post about the homeschooling S word in a post at Pioneer Woman Homeschooling—The Oldest One in the Book.

“Mrs. G. isn’t sure when ‘socialization’ became such an urgent and determining concern in shaping a child’s future, but she’s got to tell you, loud and clear, that she thinks the idea that a public school setting fosters a higher caliber, gold standard set of cultural skills, habits and norms is a used and tired bill of goods. It’s a crock.”

Bethe at The Grass Stain Guru shares 10 Wishes for Today’s Kids. My favorite, bibliophile that I am:

“6. That you learn to LOVE to read. Even if they do make a movie about it, you can bet the book is better. Learn to get lost in a story and try your hand at writing your own”

2 responses to “weekend web wanderings

  1. Hey Shauna! Thanks so much for sharing my post. Very kind of you. I love #6, too. I learned to read very young (the last of 6 kids), and have been getting lost in books ever since.

    Cheers- Bethe

  2. Coming over from the Book Nook, I have bookmarked your blog for daily readings!

    The link provided with my name is my newest blog, designed to minister to writers and encourage them to connect with God. I think you might like it, or at the very least find it interesting.

    Science was my kid’s favorite subject, by the way. My son used to say, “Science is Something You Do!”

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