Inauguration Resources


On January 20, Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States. Here are some resources to help you incorporate Inauguration Day and the events surrounding it into your children’s studies.


Resources and Links

  • The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies’ site provides information about attending the parade and swearing-in ceremonies; the theme of the program, “A New Birth of Freedom”; a historical look at the day’s events; a video titled “So Help Me God”; and other facts about the inauguration. President Obama will be sworn in at noon in Washington, D.C.
  • Education World presents 10 activities for the classroom that can be adapted for the home on its Hail to the Chief page.
  • Smithsonian Student Travel offers an Inauguration 2009 Countdown Kit, which includes lesson plans, links to related Smithsonian online exhibits, White House video tours, and other information and resources.
  • Barack Obama’s web site includes more information about our next president and vice president.


Five in a Row has a new Inauguration Day 2009 Fold and Learn ($7). The digital unit is similar to a lapbook and covers the history of the inauguration and information about President-elect Obama.

Amanda Bennett has a 2-week Inauguration 2009 unit study ($9.95) with elementary and junior/senior high material that includes presidential history, profiles of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and the inauguration process.


Related Books

D is for Democracy: A Citizen’s Alphabet (Elissa Grodin)

If I Ran for President (Catherine Stier)

So You Want to be President? (Judith St. George)

Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts (Syl Sobel)

Grace for President (Kelly Dipucchio)

US Presidential Inaugurations (Andrew Santella)


If you have other books and resources to recommend, please list them in the comments!

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